Friday, September 26, 2008

My Eagle Eye

A week ago Ed called me up while I was at work and stated he had intentions of going to the new up coming block buster midnight release of "Eagle Eye" and wanted to know if I would like to go. He states it must be an early showing of this movie as it doesn't come out for another week. Since I work the evening shift at work I didn't think anything of it. The strict reality of the situation was that I had to leave work right at 11 pm in order to drive across the valley and pick Ed up, then head to the movie theater. Remember Ed had just had surgery so he wasn't really driving anywhere. It was up to me to move him around then. I tell my reps who report to me that I have to leave right at 11 pm so no chit chatting after work. I was most impressed at them as I was able to leave at 11:07 pm which is a MIRACLE at best. I race across town and exit swiftly at 123rd South and ring Ed on the telephone to announce my soon arrival and to pop a breakfast sandwhich into the microwave and to run outside with the tickets. Scratch that, no running occured on this night. Only hobbling. So Ed hops in and is looking ever so disatisfied with the situation. He is so accustomed to being the driver that he looks at the steering wheel with longingness and his leg shivers at the memory of pressing in the gas pedal. We argue a bit over the logic in my driving and soon he gives up and sits back in the seat to stare out the window and think of his wonderful film that is about to occur in roughly 10 min.
We arrive promptly at the theater with enough time to hobble across the parking lot and into the building. We arrive at the motion sensor doors. Nothing happens. We push on the doors. Nothing happens. Ed knocks on the doors. Nothing happens. We peer into the darkness that radiates off of the entrance to the movie theater. Nothing happens. I stare at Ed with a dead pan glance and ask, "Did you check the date with which this showing is at?" and looks at me as if I have been struck dumb. "Of course they are for today!" I ask, "Pull them out and lets check the date." He reaches into his pocket and fumbles through the little scraps of paper and says, "September 25th. DANG IT! And I wanted to go to the movie! It would explain why there were so many seats open when I bought the tickets..." I pat him on the shoulder and guide his hobbling form back to the car. This is the life of Edra.

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Heather D said...

GAWD BLES EDRA! Sorry Ed, I have done that same thing but I am usually the one to out my mistake. But you are a gem!