Monday, September 29, 2008

You've Seen One Tie, You've Seen Them All

Recently at work it was announced that we are to convert to wearing business dress throughout the week instead of business casual. The logical reaction is to make do with what you have, right? Unfortunately Ed has taken this to an all new level.
Ed served an LDS Mission in Budapest, Hungary. Talk about a difficult language. Like many missionaries, he came home with an eclectic array of new ties. I'm sure your imagination is coming up with some typical closet basics in the tie category. Your imagination won't quite meet the reality of this collection of my husbands.
The most exciting element of this recent change at our office is that Ed can start wearing his collection of ties. We confirmed it will take him a full 3 months before he has to duplicate the wearing of his ties.
We went shopping for some new button up shirts for Ed and rushed upstairs to his tie collection to see how they would compare. He begins by pulling two woolly cocoons out of the closet. He throws them on the bed and begins to pull layer after layer of ties dating as far back as circa 1967 or what we can assume was from this era. As he pulls each tie out he sighs with an expression one can only consider as pure delight over a long lost friend. I hear him mutter words under his breath. I lean in closer and realize he is calling each tie by name. I stop him and ask, "You actually named them and REMEMBER their names?!?" He looks at me in total bewilderment and says, "Of course we did! Each one of these ties has a special memory from my mission. Even my pictures don't represent the majority of the memories these ties have for me." I shake my head at him and start picking the individual fragments of fabric off of my clean bed. Some of these ratty pieces looked like they still had the neck sweat around the edges from the Hungarian that wore it before Ed or I were even born. Ed starts to create a pile of To Keep and To Get Rid Of. I start to check the ones he wants to keep and ask in a shocked voice why he is keeping some of these retched items. He simply keeps pooling his favorites in the the To Keep pile. I just shake my head and laugh to myself.
As Ed is finishing his piling of the ties he says to me, "Now lets have the true test here. Lets see which ones look really good against my new shirts." As his grin spreads from ear to ear he starts to put the ties in front of the shirts, my expression changes. I pick up one of the most wretched ties he call "Toasted Morning" which looks like a mix between a toasted marshmallow after its sat over a campfire for a few seconds and a mallard duck, I place it on top of one of his shirts and have to chuckle over the ridiculousness of my next statement. I look at Ed and with a half smile say, "Huh, it actually looks good." He just smiles at me and say, "I knew you'd come around to see my point of view."

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Jullee and Fam said...

So funny! What is it with men and ties?! Cory LOVES his ties and always wants more. Lucky for him I enjoy buying him ties.. but I'm glad he doesn't have any creepy greasy ones from his mission. I better meet your Ed some day..he sounds like a pretty funny guy.