Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Do you ever?

Look at your spouse and wonder, "How did I ever convince him to marry me?"
I had one of those moments today. Often times I go to work and working for the same company, let alone, working in the same department at the same company as your husband can be a bit overwhelming at times. The most frustrating element is that Ed started 3 month prior than I but got the supervisor job an entire year before I did. So it was very much following in his footsteps. I had some of the same Associate Directors as he did and as a result I often times would be compared against him.
Now I am sure there are many of you who would say Ed and I are quite a bit alike. I might go as far as saying we are similar in many ways. But I am not him and he is not me. I think about now that both of us have made names for ourselves and hopefully for the better.
So today I had one of those moments of, "I can't believe he chose me to marry!" This picture should be able to tell all the words I can't describe... just look at this man!

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