Monday, April 13, 2009

The Last Hoorah Worked!

If you haven't heard yet, WE DID IT! We did get pregnant back in January. So by now that makes us 3 months and 1 week along. We went in for our second doctors appt today and got to hear the baby's heart beat again. It was awesome and very surreal at the same time. We feel lucky to have gotten this far.
We also found out that we get to find out what we are having next month. Ed says its a boy, so does most of my family. However, it could be the lack of male presence that is inspiring these thoughts. We'll see.
I'll post pictures as soon as I can!


Anonymous said...

I don't care if you have a boy or girl. Our kids will be best friends either way.

Edra Davidson said...

You are lovely... AND right on the nose! If only we lived in Alabama :(