Thursday, April 23, 2009

Pregnancy Unknowns Revealed...

I compare my pregnancy very much to an onion. Its as if every week that goes by, another strange thing happens. You peel an onion layer by layer and it gets stinkier as you go.
I need to preference this next statement with: Ed is a SAINT and he should go straight to heaven. I know that I haven't been the sweetest peach on the vine of late. I also know that there are some days you literally feel like crap no matter what. Now I am not talking about the puking your guts type of crap, I am talking about hips hurt to walk, you have a bleeding headache and you feel so overwhelmed you want to punch someone.
I think a lot of my issues with my frustrations are based primarily at trying to maintain a normal work life, selling our house, ridding our house of the pesky bird that found its way inside our dryer vent, and still trying to get enough sleep for the two of us.
I'm sure there are many more women out there either from pioneer times or modern times that have had to deal with much worse while pregnant but this last week I about lost my MIND!
I am happy to announce that we successfully rid our house of the pesky bird. Another story for another time.
Also, what is the deal with liking pickles so much? In the last year we haven't gone through so many pickles than the amount we have purchased in the last 2 weeks. I find the sour and garlic pinch to quench to worst of cravings. Its very bizarre!
Heartburn....I am a fire breathing dragon on the best of days. Its as if my fiesty behavior doesn't attack you? Don't worry, my heartburn is sure to leap from my mouth and scorch the closest person to me.
Its as if you hear about these things but you never realize the extreme or potential of what these prior words of wisdom are. All I can say is I am grateful for those who have done this before me.


Ty & Chelsie Jensen said...

Oh Sed! Isn't pregnancy just great? The end product is definitely worth it. Your sleepless nights are still there and if you nurse and eat something wrong, you'll sure know by their cry. So really all this fun stuff is just preparing you. You and Ed are going to be great parents! I hope everything is going the best that it can for you guys. Miss you

Jullee and Fam said...

How funny! Pregnancy is such a unique experience!! I didn't crave pickles for me it was mac N cheese. I just couldn't get enough mac N cheese. Especially the Velveeta Shells and Cheese with Broccoli. I was surprised that Zoe didn't come out orange I ate so much of that crap. Just wait till you feel that little one moving around inside your is the MOST amazing thing I have ever experienced in my life. Eat plenty tums and they might help the heartburn.

tclybb said...

ah they joys! I hadn't even found out I was pregnant with my first when I had a craving of all cravings. I never eat red meat and all I wanted was a nice, juicy, big steak. At that point, my husband knew something wasn't right. You would really enjoy the book by Jenny McCarthy. I can't remember the title, but its something along the lines of pregnancy. Anyway, good luck with the heart burn. Fortunately that's something I never had to deal with. Good Luck!

David and Taryn said...

Sed, how am I just now finding your blog after you've had it all these months?
Pregnancy is so exciting and uncomfortable at the same time, but enjoy what you can from it cause believe it or not, it goes by fast!

Edra Davidson said...

I agree with you all! Pregnancy has been one of the most exciting and suspenseful moments of my life. I honestly never know what I am to expect and I kind of prefer it that way. I will tell you this: The more I see little babies and children, the more I want this little gummy bear to speed up progress and make itself known!