Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Can you wait for the news?!?

We couldn't. When Ed and I went to our first doctors appointment to confirm that we were pregnant at week 9, the doctor gave us the option of going in early for a gender check via ultrasound at 16 weeks instead of waiting for 20 weeks when the insurance covers this. She said it was a simple fee of $25 for the Ultrasound tech's to do the screening. I looked at Ed and before I even gave him a chance to respond I said, "YES! Sign us up!" I think I shocked Ed with my directness.
Week 17 happened this week. I woke up to a series of nightmares that the ultrasound technician couldn't find the babies private parts to identify its identity. Then to make matters worse they told me I couldn't have another ultrasound until the end of my pregnancy. I awoke panting and frustrated. This was 2 hours before my scheduled doctors appointment. I was snippy all morning to Ed because I just KNEW something was going to go wrong. I explained my dreams and that I knew someone was going to mess up somewhere along the line.
I walked into the doctors office, and announced the doctor I was there to see. Gave my name and immediately they pull out the beautiful folder you take the technicians and the front desk lady says, "So you are getting a Gender check today?" I look at her in glee and say, "YES!"
We race downstairs in excitement at the fact that there weren't any issues in the appointment scheduling. I walk up to the lady at the front desk for the ultrasound and she says, "Walk on back!"
I flop onto the table and pull up my shirt so she can squirt the gel on me. Immediately I see an image of my baby's profile and its little heart beating like a butterflies wings. As soon as I know the baby is healthy I ask her to let me know what it is. She swoops around on my stomach for a min, pauses, and says, "Well its definitely a boy!"
I was so excited I cried and forgot to look at Ed to see his reaction.
It was amazing the tension the announcement of us having a boy has on my poor body that clearly was working overtime to try to hide. All is right with the world now that I know. Not to mention I can begin shopping. Sorry Ed! I promised I would wait until we knew what we were having!


Ty & Chelsie Jensen said...

Sed we are so stinking excited for you. I guess we will just have to make a family trip to Alabama to see you guys. From the sound of things it sounds like it is going well. Love ya!

Jullee and Fam said...

I am so excited for you guys!! I remember how fun it was finding out what my baby was..and it took 3 ultrasounds to find out cause she was shy. You will have so much fun shopping for your little guy!

Edra Davidson said...

Thanks so much ladies! We are very excited. Now if only my torso was bigger and I wasn't sticking out so much!