Sunday, November 22, 2009

Clogged ducts, the flu and other mishaps

This weekend was a doozy of a weekend for the Davidson family. It started off friday night with a bit of an achy body and dry eyes on my part. We went to bed early that night because we were so exhausted. I should have caught the warning signs. When I woke with Carter for his middle of the night feedings my body was so achy and sore I thought i was going to fall over. I would feed him and the good little baby would fall right back asleep. In the middle of the night is when I discovered I had a clogged milk duct to deal with. When I woke in the morning and was talking with Ed he said he was having the same problem. I just had a fever and he didn't. The scary part is that the symptoms we were having were the exact same for the Swine flu or the flu.
After much deliberation from Ed and I we decided to let it run its course because there really isn't any treatment for it just antibiotics that may or may not take a day of sickness away. Not a lot to gamble on.
The sad part is the clogged milk duct hasn't gone away and since having it my milk production has decreased dramatically resulting in me needing to supplement my feedings with some formula for the poor little guy.
To make matters worse Carter has been going through what I might consider a phase where he won't sleep in his crib, cradle or anywhere except for your arms during the day. He screams bloody murder and if he could, I'm sure he would punch us in the face for trying to put him anywhere besides your shoulder. Poor little guy.
We will recover I'm sure.

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