Saturday, November 7, 2009

Happy 1 Month Birthday Carter!

November 3rd marked Carter's 1 month birthday!

Honestly I can't believe this much time has passed. Many other mom's have told me that once you have your child time seems to have flown by. They also state that you feel as if this child has always been in your family and your prior life is a distant foggy memory. These words describe exactly what I have felt over the last 4 weeks. Carter has been able to lift his head and turn from side to side since his 2nd week of being on this earth. Fascinating results to watch for a first time mom!
Carter also has been making progress with his vision. He has been following your face if you move it from side to side. He also has been finding his hands and bringing them to his mouth as well as looking at them.

Another shocking discovery for Ed and I happened this last week. My mom scanned some images of me as a newborn from my scrapbook back in Utah. Surprising to all of us was that I had the EXACT same magic hands that were constantly at my face and moved in similar patterns to Carter's. We have the same chin and mouth. He and I also make the exact same faces. Including the beloved Pirate Eye that we get so frequently. At LAST! I have some Sedra in the Carter we all love!
We finally are getting into a groove here at the house which is wonderful for me. I'm getting braver and braver every day in what I am willing to try to include into our schedule. I think I am adjusting to the lack of sleep as well. I mean, I get sleep but I'm used to sleeping 9 - 10 hrs a night. Spoiled, right? Not so lucky anymore ha ha!
I can honestly say this with all my heart: I love this little boy!
Carter was also blessed on Sunday Nov 8th 2009. It was an awesome blessing and we are grateful Ed could do it.

Milestones reached in month 1:
Lifting his head up from side to side
His first real smile
Focusing on the person in front of him
Watching patterns in fabrics
Flipping his pacifier out of his mouth
Trying to push his pacifier back into his mouth (only has been successful a handful of times)
During tummy time he practices the "running man"


David and Taryn said...

Wow, 1 month already! Time goes so fast. It is so fun to watch them figure thing's out and their little smiles are the best ever! I'm glad you guys are doing well. Miss you.

Edra Davidson said...

I totally agree with you! Looking at the calendar now Carter is almost 6 weeks! I'm amazed I have survived the 6 weeks almost. I feel like I should be falling apart at the seems :)