Saturday, November 14, 2009

My Baby's Getting Chubby

I woke up this morning and looked into the crib and found this:

My baby is getting chubby! The last 6 weeks has been pure torture and hell worrying and wringing my hands and mental wellness over whether Carter was gaining enough weight and if he was pushing the jaundice out of his body, whether or not I was providing him with the right nutrients he needs to grow up big and strong... Good grief no one told me you stress so much over such intense things! Well I am happy to announce: I think he is doing/getting all of the above mentioned things.

To Carter:
My sweet baby hair. I love you. Thank you for milking the heck out of me so that you have nice plump round chubby cheeks, a double chin and you are getting bracelets of chub on your arms and legs.
You do your Mama proud son!
Keep eating lots and I ask you to now learn to sleep through the night. That is our next goal.
I love you dearly.


Your Mama

On a brighter note... Carter has learned how to blow out his diapers! Way to go Carter. My terradactyl eats so much he disposes of so much... How I love you and all of your new found messes.

And as if you didn't get enough of the first image... I went and added another!

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