Monday, December 7, 2009

2 Months! We made it!

Carter turned 2 months this last week! There were so many emotions that danced across our minds...
1st of Sadness

2nd of Awe

3rd of Exhaustion

4th of Sickness in the belly

and 5th of Pure Happiness..

We also got to celebrate the lighting of the tree at Bridge Street here in Huntsville, AL... It was cold and Ed and I were getting sick unknown to us but we enjoyed it none the less.

I also wanted to include one of my most favorite photos from last nights bath...

Carter loves his baths but hates the drying off part. Until Mom discovered that if she puts the towel in the dryer 5 min before he gets out of the bath... here is the face we got...

Needless to say we didn't get any crying.

On a more serious note. As I was contemplating Carter growing up, I wrote down some things I am going to miss as Carter grows up... I had to shed some real tears over these.
1. His little innocent smile I have to work so hard for
2. His hair tickling my nose when I hold him
3. His terradactyl cry he was born with
4. His puppy whimpers he picked up about 2 weeks ago
5. When his hand tickels my side as he feeds
6. When his other hand grabs my clothes to hold on to
7. When he sticks his tongue out
8. His hand when it holds my finger tightly
9. His eyes when they give me a stern look over something I've done he doesn't like
10. When he stops crying when I pick him up
11. His little coo's when he is happy
12. When he pee's on himself and I get to give him another bath.

I love you so much Carter! I'm so glad you chose us as your parents!

You Momma

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