Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I'm a big boy, I am!

This past weekend after Carter's 2 month check-up was a rough one. He was a trooper taking the nasty oral medicine and the 3 shots. He belted one big cry then calmed right down. I was expecting an all out freak out. But alas my son takes after my husband in that department. The real reaction was hours later after the Tylenol (Thank you Trisha!) had lost its potency on him. He was just a fussy little baby! Mom was worn thin and Dad was losing it too so we opted to have him sleep in his crib instead of the bassinet next to Mom's side of the bed. Our thought was that he could get some (some being the operative word here) and Mom and Dad could try to get some sleep too. We weren't expecting him to like the crib much because we had tried a couple of times before to have us fail miserably. To our shock and amazement after going 6 hours without feeding the little man woke me up at 6 am! Needless to say that day I felt like I had over slept.
So now Carter is sleeping in his crib. I'm not going to lie, I love it! I miss having him right next to me to peek in on him whenever he made a strange sound or was just being playful. But knowing he is getting so much better sleep and Ed and I are getting so much better sleep, its worth it! Besides the fact that our family on Ed's side had spent some decent cash on getting us this crib. Its lovely to know it's now being put to good use instead of holding him while I had to run to the bathroom real fast after changing him. Ha!
Who would have thought the transition from Bassinet to Crib was going to be so easy!

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