Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Happy 3 Month Birthday Carter!

So the little man made it into the new year. He reigned in his 3 month birthday at a whopping 11.6 lbs and at 24 in long he is proving he doesn't take after his short parents.
This little boy is growing so fast we had to go out and buy him so new PJ's. I had picked out some man gowns for Carter to wear hoping that in the middle of the night when changing his diaper that he wouldn't wake from the change and could go back to bed. Dad was making fun of them and called them "Lady Gowns". Needless to say, he is a fan of them and now Carter has 4 pairs of them. He is now wearing 3 - 6 mo clothes. The crazy part is they fit him in the length but he has some ways to go width wise. At this rate at the end of the month he will be out of the 3 -6 and wearing 6 month clothes. Its at this point that I have to give a HUGE thanks to my sister-in-law Angela for the AMAZING collection of clothes she has passed down to Carter. Without these clothes I know for a fact we would be struggling to buy more each month.
Recently an old high school friend of mine had a baby admitted into the baby ICU at Primary Children's. Her son has pnemonia, whooping cough and RSV. Poor little guy is fighting for his life. I sat there crying holding my son in the wee hours of the morning and reading this info. All I could do was put myself in her shoes and weep over the thought of what this might be like. I know a little bit of what its like not being able to hold your new baby. Carter's first few weeks were a bit rough and after many doctor visits and sunbathing on the bed Carter was cleared of his jaundice. I am SO grateful that I have a healthy baby and that I get to enjoy his little face and his growing curiosity every day. We are such lucky parents that Carter chose to come to our home.
On a lighter note: Carter has achieved some awesome milestones in the last month. Here is the list of my favorites:
He holds his hands together

He has started pulling on his toys

He puts his whole fist into his mouth (and to think I thought he had a small mouth)

Wiggles himself out of his bath mat
Kicks in the water
Smiles with an attempt at giggling
Says "Aye" and "Aaaa" and the occational "Ooooh"
Sleeps 6 hrs at night at least 3 - 4 times a week
Wakes up without screaming. Instead looks around and takes it all in
He has learned to entertain himself (YAY for Moma!)

The one thing he hasn't obtained yet is being able to lift his head to a 90 degree when he is on his tummy. In fact I am lucky if I can get him to stay on his belly longer than 5 min. He is strong and able to hold his head up when he is on your shoulder most of the time unless he is sleepy but he just doesn't care for tummy time. We'll keep working on it.
Moma has officially become a stay at home mom so she can always be here to take care of Carter. I can't tell you what type of weight that has taken off of my shoulders. I came home from the office yesterday and just cried and held Carter. First I missed seeing him for over half the day, and second I was so grateful I get to spend the rest of my life taking care of this boy as my job.
Thank you Ed for allowing me to do this! I am so grateful for a wonderful husband that works hard for his family.

Carter, I want you to know how proud your Moma is of everything that you do. You are the best thing that has ever happened to your Mom and Dad. I look forward to seeing your smile everyday and giving you baths because you LOVE the water so much. You even lift your chins up for me to put the lotion on your face these days. You are the best baby!
I love you,

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