Monday, March 1, 2010

5 months and Counting

Carter turns 5 months!
Where has the time turned?
I look at you daily and can't help but feel overjoyed and grateful to have you in my life

I kiss your chubby cheeks over and over again
I squeeze you with hugs the moment you wake up
You act surprised to see me, then smile
Then you give a little cry to remind me what I am there for:
To feed you

I made the mistake of taking you outside when it was windy
Now you have a raspy throat
Yet you smile and laugh at the funny faces we make at you

You want to see EVERYTHING
In fact if I leave you in one place too long you remind me I need to show you more things

You love to look at yourself
You started to SMILE at your own reflection

You sit on my hip and like to turn to see what it is I'm doing
We cook together (safely)
We look at pictures
We learn about dollars
and colors
and numbers

You are so smart! Sometimes I will be talking to you and telling you a story and you look at me as if you really know what I am saying. You probably do and I am just too silly and old to realize this.

I'm so proud of your tummy time and that you tolerate me putting you there
You eat cereal. One step further to eating human food
Like a human

You love Disney Cartoons (although you still won't sit through a whole show)
You love Sesame Street (especially the puppets)

You're my son...
I'll love you forever and always
Mom and Dad

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Anonymous said...

that 2nd photo, Carter has some cute red eye brows. you've got a red-head on your hands. LOOOOOVE it!