Monday, March 29, 2010

A Miracle!

Ok so I admit a lot of my posts have been on Carter of late
but I'm pretty sure everything to do with him is far more interesting
than anything I have to rant about
I promise I will tell a good story soon enough

As for miracles go, I received a TIP today that changed our world!
Sounds drastic and amazing, right?
It was

My sister-in-law Tabrenia (pronounced Tah-brie-nah)
texted me this morning that she had a TIP for me for Carter's tummy time
See previous post re struggles
Her son attends an Academy of sorts where doctors (literally PhD's)
teach her son
They had a class that discussed some "tricks" of the trade
to help your baby enjoy Tummy Time more

I have read just about every website, suggestion, discussions, blogs, books
on the subject
I've ran out of ideas after the Superman, flying around the room, and the Bumbo
Don't get me wrong, the Bumbo has been awesome and I like watching him sit in it
but we need to get a crackin' on this muscle building

Her suggestion was to get a mirror
One of those cheap wall/door mirrors you get at the store
Place it against a piece of furniture and let the baby sit in front of it

I ran out this afternoon after hearing about it and bought one
I unwrapped it
Placed the Boppy pillow down in front of it
Plopped the kiddo on the pillow
Then I sat there
Watching his expression

First there was the test: (see below) Don't be disturbed by the number of children in the photo. Its his reflection
Then he realized it was him who was making the faces:
Then he fell in love... with the Mirror
And so did his Mother
Todays post brought to you by Tabrenia

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Anonymous said...

In that third photo- he looks JUST like you. I have seen that happy little look on your face many times. :)