Saturday, March 13, 2010

Tribute to Ed

Ed's birthday was on thursday
As I look back over the 5 1/2 years we have been together
I think of all the things we have done
The places we've seen
The lessons we've learned

I can think of 31 great reasons why I am grateful Ed was born
Here's a few of them...
He married me (duh)

He's drop dead sexy (double duh)

Pretends I didn't just say that or make a face

He can do this.. always was impressed by his size

We hike together

He's a risk taker

He takes me to cool places

He's always smiling

Always making faces (Carter picked that one... he loves faces)

Can sport the buzz hair cut and make it look good

He's playful and always carrying water... seriously! (Thanks Doug and Tabrenia for introducting us to the Camelbak Bottles or we would still be carrying a gal jug)

Another classic example of making faces (Carter demanded another)

He sports a classy sophistication... much like a fine wine

And this wouldn't be a list without the crazy eyes... oh the crazy eyes!

His love of Legos. No.Freakin.Joke

The self portraits I find later when uploading pictures to the computer

His love LOVE of Coke *Sugar Water!*

Finding all things funny, especially at others expense (That's right Jeff and Mel, he's laughing that YOU two got wet and he is dry)

The poor choices he insists others should make with him

Another very clear example of the poor choices he makes (I think Jeff brings out that side in him) PS Ed isn't the only one who makes crazy eyes for photos...

The dangerous poor choices made...these happen a lot in Vernal

His AMAZING Parenting Skills

The support he gives us (I think everyone can attest to that)

Happy Birthday Ed! Words (and pictures) can't describe how amazing you are!
Carter and the Wife


Emily Hatch said...

Such a sweet tribute. Ed is a pretty amazing guy. You two go so well together, like a fine wine and cheese! ;) You were a smokin' hot bride Sed! Ed's a lucky man.

Edra Davidson said...

Em (blushing) you're the best!
P.S. My aunt Debbie (Parr) said the picture on my FB profile is awesome.

e said...

Hey, it's Emilee. Um, I hope it's 1. Okay I'm reading your blog (I saw the link on facebook) and 2. That I'm commenting.

Great post! Those crazy eyes left me rolling with laughter!

Edra Davidson said...

Of course for number 1 & 2! Welcome to the blog! I'm glad I and Ed were able to entertain you :)

Jeanne Lawyer said...

Yipee! I am so happy you have a blog and now we can stay in touch better. You family is so dang cute. I can't believe how big your baby is getting. You guys look so happy. That makes me happy.