Monday, April 5, 2010

Ever Wonder?

Ever wonder what it would be like to walk into your room
and be greeted by a lizard?
In your mind its probably cartoon in the likes of Disney
and possibly talks

Well the lizard that was in my room today was not
Not even close
In fact my skin is still crawling over the excitement of it all

Carter cried because I screamed so loud
The maintenance man
(resident nut job)
came to "take care of it"

I don't think I cared for his approach
It consisted of swatting at it with a broom trying to disorient the creature
Attacking it with the end of a broom stick
And when that didn't work he came at it with his shoe

I thought I had carefully kept this lizard intact by placing a tupperware on top of him
But that shoe...THAT SHOE! Got the best of Mr. Lizard

After some good ol' Resolve and a little psychological breakdown
you wouldn't have known he came to visit

I did throw my tupperware in case you were concerned.


Jullee and Fam said...

I don't much care for the way that maintenance guy took care of the lizard. You'd think he would be a man and pick the thing up and take it outside. Weird.

Jeanne Lawyer said...

Okay, I am sad now. You nut job, maintenance man needs a new job. Good job on throwing the tupperware away. I would have done the same. However, I would of told my husband and son that what they were eating just came from the tupperware of the now dead lizard. Just to get a good laugh. Evil, I know.