Monday, April 19, 2010

New Love?

Recently I ran out of foundation
a trivial thing, right?
For a red head that doesn't wear a lot of foundation
it wasn't the end of the world, but not a happy moment either

I considered not wearing foundation anymore
Then I thought of the times I do want to wear it
Then I thought of the time I covered my whole face in foundation
(I have freckles)
I looked like a wax mannequin
I wish I had a picture

So I was talking with my friend Melissa about make up
like girls do
And she was telling me about Bare Minerals
(insert cheesy infomercial music here)
It rocks
You really do feel like you don't have anything on
And strangely the humidity doesn't make my face feel like its falling off either


Must be all those crushed up rocks and stuff


Jullee and Fam said...

That is hilarious! Crushed up rocks feeling great on your face huh. I don't wear much makeup..and foundation is the WORST to me. I feel like I am walking around with a mud mask on my face. Yucky.

Jeanne Lawyer said...

I must admit. I really like their stuff. Have you tried their lip gloss. I am in LOVE!

Edra Davidson said...

Jullee I totally agree! I never paid much attention to the way make up feels until I hardly wore any after Carter was born. Since then it's true, foundation does feel like a mask on. So the crushed up rocks and stuff work! Who would have thought I would buy into infomercials??
Jeannie I haven't tried their lip gloss yet. Amazing? I might have to check it out! :)

David and Taryn said...

I love Bare Minerals! If you haven't ordered it yet, you should order the starter kit because it is a great deal. I also like the Prime Time foundation primer because it helps your foundation stay on better. But for a loose powder foundation, it stays on good without it. And the lip glosses are awesome! (The Medical Spa I worked for sells Bare Minerals so I have used a bunch of it!)