Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Trim the Fat

I write this next post with a heavy hand
I have battled with an internal demon for a while now
and its time I come clean

I'm overweight

There I said it.
I know having a baby can provide you with the sufficient excuse
"It took you 9 months to gain that weight
It will take at least that to get it off"
I don't believe you people!

I was overweight before I got pregnant
Being pregnant just compounded the issue

Now I have made the decision to kick it
(meaning me)
Into high gear. My plan is to lose 25 lbs before Carter's 1st birthday
I started back in March and have lost 6 lbs since then

It feels sooooo good to say goodbye forever to those pounds

I want Carter to grow up knowing its good to be active
I want him to see his Moma being healthy, making good decisions
Choosing life over lazy.

So today marks the day that I make my intentions known to the world
(even if it is only my family and a few friends who read this)
Today marks the day I be accountable for this "weight" I have been carrying
(Pun totally intended)

Let the sweat, tears and total work-outs BEGIN!
Trim The Fat! (or TTF as I will lovingly call it)
(P.S. I'll totally keep you posted. Keep me honest guys!)


Leslie said...

You go girl!! I am glad i have an excuse right now to not be exercising! I never did before either but it feels alright to not when i'm pregnant! Terrible justifcation on my part. Anyway good luck - exercising and dieting is never fun but pays off in the end! I did Weight Watchers after I had my daughter and lost lots of weight... i'm a stong believer in that program! You'll do great with whatever you do!

Jullee and Fam said...

You'll do so awesome! I know you'll reach your goal and after I have my squirt I'll be on the get skinny thing also.

Edra Davidson said...

Enjoy your pregnancies ladies! I feel like this is one of the best times to indulge. Eat chocolate cake and milk shakes and Mac and Cheese with all sorts of deliciousness for me :) Couldn't be more excited for you both!