Wednesday, May 19, 2010

No Sugar Added - TTF Update

So perhaps I have hit a plateau
Or perhaps I have hit a lazy streak
Either way a realization happened

I need to change something

I'm sure you're thinking, aren't you already making changes?
True, yes
But not all at once

I have discovered a vital element to my personality
I can't change everything at once

So the new change brought out this week?

Harsh, right?
I love sugar
Mary Poppin's loved it in her beloved hit,
"Spoon full of Sugar helps the medicine go down"
All my favorite sugar cereals love it
All little kids love it

So why now?
I've got to punch this in the gut

I also gave up my all time fav

Diet Coke

Oy I may be cranky this week
I'm giving this a trial for 1 month
If I can live without it that long?
Then I don't need it.

1 comment:

The Ellis Fam said...

On the idea of needing to switch things up, try P90X. The work outs are the most intense I've ever done. He starts you out on a few different work outs, then he gives you a new set ment to work you differently so you will continue to lose. I've done them a bit but had to stop when our comp got a virus (we only had them on our comp). Seriously, they will kick your butt but if you stick with it you WILL see results.