Friday, June 11, 2010

Fish, Fish and Yes More Fish

On Wednesday of this week we went to Chattanooga, TN
For there lies in one of the coolest Aquariums

Top 10 Moments of the Trip:

10. The Sharks
9. The Penguine Poop
Photo taken post Penguine Poop (You're Welcome)

8. The Views
7. Jelly Fish
(*Note: Photo taken and Edited by Ed)
6. The Sea Horses

5. The Butterflies
4. Touching the Fish
(I touched the fish after this photo... Carter got antsy)

3. The T-Shirt
(Out of the wash finally!)

2. Ed Hitting His Head in a Childs Play Area
(His laugh/smile is through the pain)
1. Carter's Interest in the Ocean
Look closely below and you will see the preditor waiting in the midst
I especially enjoy the high leg Carter is showing here

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