Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Carter loves the pool
Is that a surprise?
With how much swimming his dad has done in his lifetime
It was bound to rub off on his son

Our pool is made in the most unfortunate shape
The "stair" entrance is in the hot tub
Which is attached to the pool but a wall is built up and only about 2"
of water escape into the pool

So I'm left with the wall stairs to climb in and out of
Which pretty much requires me to wait until
Ed comes home to swim with Carter

I've been considering methods that I can do without the help
One of which are those floating boats you put the baby in

Any thoughts?

Any suggestions?

We just want to swim


familyofbobo said...

Get the baby floats with the mesh, thise yellow ones are crap! We had a lady bug. :)

Edra Davidson said...

Thanks Valerie! We got one just like the one you have! It has basketballs and baseballs and stuff on it! Great suggestion :)