Thursday, June 3, 2010


Along with my 'Trim the Fat' program,
I have been reading Jillian Michaels "Master Your Metabolism" book
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One of the key concepts in the book
Is to begin eating Organic foods and to limit the use of
pesticide covered food, plastic contaminates,
and eating correctly to help your hormones, metabolism, fat burning
engine that you are.

First note: I have only read 50 pages of
Second note: Its a fortune to buy Organic
(tried it for one week and we were around $250 for the groceries)
Third note: We are only on day one of the recipes
Fourth note: Its no secret, the "diet" consists of meats,
poultry, fish, veggies, fruit, nuts and dairy
(Personally, doesn't sound like a diet but just eating healthy)
Fifth note: I have discovered that I know nothing about food

To embelish on that last thought of me not knowing anything about food.
I can cook
I have a general knowledge of what flavors are paired well together
I have an arsenal of good recipes I use fairly consistently
But I don't know what types of foods help you lose weight
(except for the healthy kinds.... obviously not the fried kinds)
But truly, what type of foods help your body have the energy you need,
the right combinations of foods that tells your body:
"Use this as energy, burn my fat for more energy, Ok?"

I'm clearly still in the process of understanding this.
Hopefully I will be enlightened soon
The book only gives me 2 weeks of grocery lists
After that I am
On My Own

P.S. Check out how full our apartment sized fridge is?

Its about now I start day dreaming of the house we are going to buy
and the delightful "normal" sized refridgerator I will be getting

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