Thursday, June 17, 2010

Splish Splash Just Like in the Bath


You knew it was coming
I had that predicament of how to get Carter and I in and out of the pool
Without help

Well a solution has been discovered
That ledge that separates the hot tub from the pool?
It has a step down INTO the pool
There were just girls blocking it last time

So bring on the photos!

Splashing Splashing!
Oops got it in the face


David and Taryn said...

Going swimming with the kiddo's is so much fun. We have taken Aubrey twice now and she liked it a lot more the 2nd time than the 1st. Dave says she doesn't like the pool, but that's only because she would cry when he had her but she was good for me!!! :) Spencer loves swimming too. He has so much fun and is so fun to play in the water with. I'm glad Carter likes it and you figured out a way for the two of you to go while Ed is at work.

Edra Davidson said...

Thanks Taryn! We should take the kiddos swimming together when we move back!!! We could go as families :)
I think it is so awesome the kids love swimming.