Thursday, July 1, 2010

..3 Lettered Word..

All the coaching has paid off
He said IT!
The golden word that brings tears to his mother's eyes


I wondered what my reaction would be
I questioned what it would sound like
Would he say, "Moma"
or "Mum"
or "Mooooooom"

He chose a simple but very effective

I LOVE this boy!

Happy 9 month Birthday Son!
You are the best child in the world for me
I love your tangled ways

I look forward to the other fun
you have in store for me


Chelsie Jensen said...

Oh yay for Carter! It is amazing that the littlest thing like saying "mom" can melt you heart. Being a mom is one of the greatest blessings isn't it? And you are such a great little mommy! Keep up the great work. Miss ya and Love ya!

Edra Davidson said...

Thank you so much Chelsie!!! Being a mom is such an awesome job. I totally totally agree with you! We miss you too and love you! Hopefully we will see you here in the next few months :)

Julie Jardine said...

AHHH....he is so cute! IT's what makes it all WORTH it!

Edra Davidson said...

Thank you Julie! It really really does.