Sunday, July 25, 2010

Closet Finds

Carter grew
His size 18 month clothes are getting snug
Meaning the clasps in the crotch are getting tight to snap

So I scavenged through the totes of a million clothes
Supported lovingly by my sweet sister-in-law Ang
And oooh all the delightful clothes I found for him!
In sizes that will fit. 
However I am still choking on the idea
that I need to look at the 18 - 24 month clothes
He's not even 10 months yet

{Chubby Baby}

So all the digging got me to dig into MY closet

And oh the cute things I found!
Clothes I haven't worn in years!
*I can say that because I spent much of 2009 being pregnant*

The best feeling in the world was putting on a skirt
I got for my brother-in-laws wedding 
and it fit better now than it did then!

Ed said I best keep doing what I am doing then
And I agreed

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