Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Whenever I got really cranky about something
or angry
or disgruntled
My Dad would tell me
"List 5 things you like about
them, it, him/her"

I would scowl at him
and immediately say,
"I can't! I really don't like {insert:
them, it, him/her}!"

Then he would give me the 'look'

It pains me
but Here is my LIST of
5 things I 'like' about Huntsville

1. My son was born here

2. Its been my 1st home living away from home
3. BBQ
4. Learning to rely solely on my husband for:
best friended-ness
etc etc
5. The warm winters

There! It almost killed me coming up with that list
And I think I threw up a little trying to think of it
But I feel better now that I've looked on the "bright side"

Thank you Dad for teaching me
to be positive
in the face of so much negativity

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