Thursday, July 22, 2010

Phase II of P90X

This workout is proving to be the HARDEST
workout I have ever done

That last statement isn't really fair
Lets be honest:
I never have really worked out

30 min on a stationary bike
45 min on a treadmill

Nothing compares to these workouts
on the P90X

I am happy with the results though
So I will keep pushing



Genesis said...

Keep pushing. It is the hardest thing I have ever done as well. Until my husband started to notice that I was able to go longer and have more endurance. When he had to take breaks. Check out the info I sent you. It helps a ton. Gen

Brigette DeGrey said...

I am jealous, but that is so awesome. Will you be my workout buddy? I really need someone to push me, someone that I will feel bad to tell that I didn't work out that day.

Edra Davidson said...

Bridgette I have you back 100%! I would love LOVE to be your workout buddy! Tell me how I can help and I am there!