Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Trim the Fat Update

Some sage advice was given to me
I was stagnant
I guess my body wasn't quite "thrilled"
at letting go of the fat
Surprise Surprise

So I watched my calories
AND did my 6 day a week workouts
Its been good!

So far I have lost 12.5 lbs
and 6 inches in my torso overall

I've never worked out this hard
and I'm hungry all the time
But I remember what I looked like
But this time I'm going to be STRONGER
That keeps me going
as does Ed
AND the person I have decided to call
Thanks Tabrenia for all your help!


The Ellis Fam said...

you're awesome. I'm starting up today. wish me luck. I'm gonna have to bug you to keep me going. What are you doing with your diet? What time of day do you work out? I really want to stick it out to the end but life gets to be so crazy, I'm afraid I'll give up. fb me and tell me all that you are doing. You are my inspiration.

Chelsie Jensen said...

Nice job you! Maybe I should have you be my coach now because there are definitely some pounds that could be lost. Keep it up :)

Jullee and Fam said...

You are doing so fantastic!! You are going to be one hot mama! Keep at it and when I'm done cooking this kid I'll have to jump on the wagon with you and work my arse off!!

Edra Davidson said...

Thank you so much ladies! I am 100% willing to support whoever I can! I know how hard and frustrating this can be especially post baby. I have had the BEST support team and if I can help anyone out? I would feel that much better about this process :)
PS- Chelsie? You look fantastic! :)