Saturday, July 24, 2010

Weight-Loss Amongst Chaos

Am I the only one that finds weight-loss and life chaos
to be two synonymous ideas?
For me
it seems that losing weight 
and the drama of real life are tied hand in hand

I think it was a Biggest Loser episode that I saw
where one of the contestants lost about 2 lbs one week
For ME a 2 lb weight loss is received as
{Note: I was ecstatic}

But the contestant was told that one of the main reasons
they may not have lost weight was the stress
they were under throughout the week

So I pose this question:
Am I constantly under stress then?
Do I over think myself to the point of destruction?

Perhaps I do
Perhaps I have way too much time to think
PERHAPS I need to move back to Utah
to feel normal again

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