Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Your Opinion Matters

Clearly I don't have a TON to occupy my mind these days
Except for feeding Husband and Son
Doing the laundry
Cleaning the house
Changing Diapers
and bathing said child

And CLEARLY I daydream about the house we are going to
buy *HOPEFULLY* this year

So why not plan
What I will be doing to Carter's room??


I have 3 options for review

The tricky part is see
I would like your opinion

Keep in mind when casting your votes its purely
the PAINT and aesthetics of the room
NOT the furniture

Please comment on which option of the pictures below
that you enjoy the most

Then I have fuel to bait the husband
to help me paint!




(Thank you for your opinion. It means a great deal to me)


Chelsie Jensen said...

Hey I'm sorry that you had a rough day the other day, but I'm glad that the video helped you out. You are a great little mommy :)

In my opinion.... I like #1, but I look at it from a time perspective and I bet it would take a little while to do. I REALLY like #3. It is simple, but yet it is super cute. Good luck!! I can't wait for you guys to get a house too!!

David and Taryn said...

Sed, I like all three! (I know, not helping)! #1 is way cute but looks like a ton of work. So I guess I vote #1 but I would be to lazy to do it in my kids room!!! Poor Aubrey doesn't even have anything hanging on the walls in her room and she is 7 months old. At least I got it painted before she was born right?

Lease said...

I like option #1, but without the monogrammed curtains. It would be a ton of work, but so adorable.

tclybb said...

I vote #1. And as for your friend who doesn't even have anything hanging on her 7 month old babies walls...my oldest is almost 9 years old and I have yet to hang a single picture in any of my children's rooms. If I had the know how on painting it, I would totally go with #1. Good luck and post pictures when you're done!

Jullee and Fam said...

I also like option 1 best..but can only imagine the headache that painting argyle would give me!!

The Ellis Fam said...

I'm in love with argile with you and I vote number one but I don't think that's a paint job. I think that's probably wall paper. I'm going to guess the seam is in the middle of the white diamonds. I say if you can find the wall paper do it but save yourself time and money and only do one wall like that (it looks like that's the way they did it in the picture). I am all about going nuts decorating. I did Scott's room before he was born. I have it posted on my blog. Good luck. It sounds like you need to do more playing what with your taking care of fam and working out. Have a ball planning. You can do a lot before you move too. Make some cool pictures and frame them. Things like that.

Randi said...

Option 1!!! I have never seen argyle on a wall like that. I LOVE it!!!

Tahme said...

#1 is super cute. I wish I was artistic enough to do something like that. Carter is a lucky boy to have such a talented mommy

Emily Hatch said...

Option #2. Simple, clean, classic. You won't get sick of it. Option #1 is super cute, and seems to fit Carter's style, but is it worth it? Painting jobs never stay looking nice for super long, so I'd hate to see all that work go to waste, plus, it may look kind of busy with other wall hangings and pictures. There are my two+ cents!

Tabrenia said...

I think it depends on if you keep using the cute animal print bedding you currently have. If you plan to use that, I think #1 might be a little too busy. I think I like #3 the best- it's simple and really nice looking.

David said...

I like all 3, but #2 is the probaly the best option it will keep the best over time and still be okay when he gets older.