Wednesday, August 11, 2010

45 days and Counting

Today marks the half way point
I'd like to say I am at the end

P90X is HARD!

I'd like to be able to say
that I love working out now
that I have a new found love
for sweat and tears
But those would all be lies

I hate working out
I hate pushing my body harder than 
its ever been
I hate sweating so much 
that even after a cold shower
you are STILL sweating
I hate it when your lungs feel like they 
are going to burst
as you look at your heart rate monitor
and see your over 185 BPM
I hate that at the end of it
I still have to muster the energy
to go to the gym and run 2 - 3 miles

But then I look over at my son
and see him watching me
studying what I am doing
while he shakes his toys at me
and smiles
And I remember why I wanted to get healthy
I remember why I am doing this

So I can be around as long as I possibly can
So I can go hiking with him 
and not get winded
So I can play soccer with him
and run around the field
chasing after him
So I can swim with him
and not flubber
So I can do everything a parent 
should be able to do with their child

Its because of You Carter

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