Saturday, August 28, 2010

Charlie and Lola

Fond words and phrases have come from
our favorite show
**Disclaimer: Ed and I used to wake up early
(like 10 am early)
just to watch Charlie and Lola
on the Disney Channel**

To our satisfaction,
Carter enjoys watching this show as well

If you have ever heard from us,
"You are my FAVORITE and my BEST"
"Its a capastrophy!'
"I do love Sizzles"

You will know what we speak of
Cutest rascally british cartoon girl

And I think Carter may have a crush on Lola

1 comment:

Julie Jardine said...

We LOVE that cartoon too! I just love Lola's little voice. And there really aren't that many kid shows that parents also enjoy watching. But that is definately one of them.