Saturday, August 7, 2010

Does Every Parent Struggle with This?

I pose this question out there for a good reason

We have a "small" collection of children's books
at this point
And we read the same ones
Over. and. Over. and Over again

So in conversing with family and Ed
we decided that we needed to beef up
the collection

Reading is one of my
Since I was a wee 'lil one
I've read

So we want the same for Carter
In looking at book prices
we have been ASTONISHED
at the cost

This is where you come in
Have you ever done a
Book Club?
Where you purchase books 
at discounted rates
in return the company 
sends you books of the "month"
to your home
(that you pay for)

And if you have
what ones do you

Carter's Dad, Myself
and my son
Thank You for your Feedback


Heather said...

OOk, with a grandchild pending for Mike, I faced the same thing. But remember, I am older. When I went to the bookstore I picked 4 of my fav Dr Suess books...not due to messages but my memory....Are You My Mother was an odd choice. Tommie De Paola was a great author I followed when I wanted to write children's books. He has a book of fairy tales. Very simple illustrations. Maurice Sendak has other books than his Wild Things which I think is mandatory. Tactile ones are great, Pat the Bunny & such. For Carter's first birthday, you could ask everyone to bring their fav book. 1 year olds don't care about gifts!

Julie Jardine said...

If you have a thrift store of some sort near you, that is a good place to pick up books. I don't mind buying them from there, because I can take them home, and go over them with a clorox wipe. And they are usually under a dollar each, and then you own them! So when he rips them up, or colors all over them, you don't care. Cause you didn't pay and arm and a leg for them. I know....books are crazy expensive at the stores. So seriously...look into it. Also, you can find cheap (as in $1 each) books online sometimes. Or keep you eye out for garage sales and stuff.
I've never done the book club thing, because I buy enough for cheap at the thrift store, but it could be a really great thing. You could always try it, and then cancel.

Jullee and Fam said...

I've never looked into a club like that. If you are curious my favorite book for Zoe has always been "Yummy Yucky" by Leslie Patricelli. Love it! I'm convinced that book is the reason Zoe doesn't try and eat her boogers.

Edra Davidson said...

Excellent suggestion! I will do all of them! Looking forward to the new books :)