Saturday, August 21, 2010

Happy Birthday Family!

March and August 
always present a bit of a 
shall we say, 

These are the months that are MOST
populated with Birthday's
in the Davidson AND Santos

So what better way to celebrate
than with one large August 

(Not in any particular order)

Kathy aka "Moma" Ed's Mother and Grandmother to Carter
Nora Tate (Colin's Daughter)
Kate (Colin's Wife)
Colin (my Brother)
Tabrenia (Sister-in-law, married to Ed's brother Doug. I call her Coach)
Colleen (me Mum)
We love you all and miss every single one of your FACES!
Have the best birthday
and eat some cake for us


Heather D said...

Felicitations to ALL! What a great idea Sedra

Julie Jardine said...

Isn't it funny how some months are packed full of birthdays and some are so scares. Our months are September and December. And your year will just get more packed, the more everyone has kids. How nice of you to remember everyone! Looks like a fun month.