Tuesday, August 31, 2010

It Feels Like School Outside

Do you remember what it felt like outside during the school season?
You would step off the bus
and smell fall in the air
small puddles of water left on the side walks and streets
Leaves began turning colors just slightly at first
The tempurature takes a dip
You can feel the breeze on your back 
pushing you forward towards home?

Instead of orientating all of these smells and feelings with fall
it strangely reminds me of school
The season you head back to the brick building
Full of hallways littered with lockers
People you haven't seen in months
Faces that have changed some
others that look the same as yesterday
Carrying books by the hundreds
(at least it felt like that)

Today felt like that
except for me it wasn't the feeling of heading back to school
it felt more like I was playing hookie
and pretended I was sick so I didn't have to return 
to the brick building
And all you can think as you look out the window is,
I shouldn't have played sick because I would rather be outside

Today has been named "Weird Feelings" Day
It might just be turning fall here 
in the bloody hot south

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