Friday, August 27, 2010

Moist Towelette

If one is ever thinking about the advantages of moving to the south you could be drawn to the BBQ, home style cooking, mild winters, and friendly people.  What they don't tell you is that from May to September, every time that you walk out your door you will feel as if you have just walked through a sauna and then wiped yourself down with moist towelettes.  Your skin doesn't get a chance to dry due to the abundance of humidity in the air.  Oh these are good times, because at most of the previously mentioned foods are typically served with these delightful moist towelettes.

Although it is muggy here in delightful Huntsville, my AWESOME FAMILY has made every second of this toasty time something that I will never ever forget.

I am serious we will never forget!!

Like Carter trying to hide from the Heat in his toy box!

That didn't work so he gets down to his diaper to air out a little, while flapping arms like a young bird about to take flight.

Mostly we hang out in the AC and watch movies.

Or we look for something to do, again in the comfort of AC.

No matter what the weather is like on the outside it is always the best temperature in our apartment enjoying one another and having the good times that only we could here in MOIST Alabama!

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