Thursday, August 12, 2010


Since owning the full set of 
Friends seasons,
I have made the same mistake 
multiple times

Now please don't judge that I watch these shows
soooo frequently
Its just so funny!
And I haven't gotten sick of them
AND there aren't very good shows on TV 
right now anyway

But I make this same mistake every time
I watch that last disc
of Season 10
For anyone who has watched these
or owns them,
knows that this is the last few episodes made
And every time I watch them
I get sad
and disappointed 
like they are my friends
and all moving away
or moving on with their lives
and I'm not invited

Talk about pathetic, right??

So I am committing to not watch these 
episodes anymore
Then the show can live on in my head

Perhaps I should watch a different show
like Arrested Development
or Seinfeld


The Ellis Fam said...

I went through all the discs this past year during Scott's naps and things. I did the same thing. I cried so hard at the end. I know it's been over for a while but I think that all the "Friends" fans, which is A LOT of people still, need another chapter. There needs to be a reunion or something. I am a total Monica but wish I could be more of a Rachel or Phebs. I totally get you. Try "The Office" or "30 Rock". That is keep Mark and I rolling over laughing.

David and Taryn said...

I totally feel the same way! I waitch them all the time and never get sick of them. I even watch the reruns on TV even though we have the seasons on DVD! I always get sad watching the last ones too. But the rest are so good I just watch those over and over. What is your favorite one? Dave's is the one with the Emybros (season 4). I think mine is the one with the rumor (with Brad Pitt). :)

Edra Davidson said...

I am SO happy to see I am not the only one who feels this way.
@Caroline- I am totally a Monica as well. Ed is mysteriously a lot like Chandler.
@Taryn - Ed and I were both trying to decide which is our favorite episode. Ed said its somewhere between Season 4 and Season 8. I'm guessing he likes all of those episode.
My favorite episode is the one where Phoebe tries to seduce Chandler when Chandler and Monica are hiding their relationship. I laugh so hard every time I watch Phoebe dance :)

Randi said...

So not pathetic! I watched every episode this summer. Just finished season 10 this morning. :( And I was sad. So sad that it was ending. Love love love that show!