Wednesday, August 18, 2010


I feel like I am spending the majority
of my life 

Waiting to grow up
(THAT happened way too fast)
Waiting to find the right one for me
( I picked one of the best!)
Waiting to get pregnant
(Worth the wait on that one... He's extra cute)
Waiting for news....

Every time someone reminds me:
Patience, Sedra
If its right, then it will happen

Sometimes I want to tell "it"
Its RIGHT for me! Right now!
Clearly this is a virtue I have not gained yet
or will I ever

I think this should be labeled in my "Fault" file
When I make up my mind on something
(and it usually doesn't take long)
I want it to begin right then
No waiting

One day I asked my Mom,
"When do you stop learning to have patience 
and just HAVE it?"
She paused for a moment
and said,
"I  don't think you ever stop learning to have patience.
You continue to be tested.
Each time growing more with it"

Wise lady that woman is
Wise lady.


Jullee and Fam said...

Blah!! Waiting is the worst! It's hard when you have certain plans and "It" has other plans that just don't jive with your plans. I hope things start happening for you.

Edra Davidson said...

Agreed on all accounts!