Saturday, August 14, 2010

What Everyone Wants...

After the morning workout,
cleaning the house from head to toe
(wasn't planning on that one today),
and the baby was fed and happily playing,
I found a few minutes to 
write to all of you.

I know the real reason any of you
come to this blog

And I love it
I thought I would give you a little bit 
of what everyone wants

We don't pose him
he just does it naturally 
Check out those MOOBS!
 A juicer turned Mexican Sombrero
Thumping pillows, doesn't everyone do it?

And for those curious,
he has started rolling around and around
so much that he is close to
pushing himself up on his knees
I suspect crawling is around the corner


David and Taryn said...

OMGosh! Did you clone Ed and just give him chubbier cheeks or what?!?

What a cute little boy! I don't know how much longer I can wait to pinch his cheeks! Move home now!!! :)

Edra Davidson said...

You are 100% right Taryn! Carter is seriously a mini Ed. We look at some of the pictures we have taken and they could have come straight from Ed's scrapbook! The funniest part is Ed had the EXACT same chubby cheeks as a baby.
I'm really crossing my fingers the move happens soon :)
We'll keep everyone posted!