Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Floppy Fish Army Crawler

I think with all the packing and moving 
and house turning into a storage unit
rather than a place to live,
Carter has found his groove

He WILL get from point A to point B
if it requires
Fish Flopping
Army Crawling
Tip Toe lunges
Downward Facing Dog
or good old fashioned Rolling

It has been fun to watch him discover new ways to move
He has only crawled about 3 steps worth
but finds the other methods the fastest
and most effective ways to move so far

I'm pretty sure full blown crawling is right around the corner
but for the time being
its just plain funny to watch


The Ellis Fam said...

Once Scott took his first official crawl it took about three or four days before he stuck with it. keep encouraging him to move and he'll be hooked before you move. Let's hope grandma's got the house baby proofed. I'm sure he'll let her know pretty quick if not. Have a safe move. Hope to meet Carter soon.

Edra Davidson said...

You are 100% correct Caroline! He has really taken to this crawling thing! Looks like when we land in Utah we will need to make a stop at Target or Babies R Us for baby proofing items!
We look forward to Carter and Scott meeting :)