Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Winding Down

With everything finally winding down
here in the south
The reality of what is about to happen is setting in

As Ed and I were packing up the last room last night
We both looked at each other
and realized,
This is IT!
Our last Monday down in Huntsville
Our last few nights on our own

It was bitter sweet.
Every ounce of my body is thrilled at the idea that we are leaving
But for just a glimmer of a second
We knew we were going to miss this
Relying only on each other
Spending every evening together,
just the three of us.
It didn't last long, but it was there

Now our last day on our own
will be spent getting ready for our 3 guests
And packing our bags
to head home

Carter has clued in to the big change
He's cranky
and ready to find a new norm

If he only knew the adventure he is about to go on
And the maze of a house his Gammie 
has in store for him

Good thing he started crawling this week!


Tahme said...

I am sure Carter is going to love being close to Grandpa and Grandma, and his cute little cousins, and as much as you have enjoyed the closeness of just your family, think how nice it will be to have a dinner, and not have to get up from the table and walk the baby around because people you trust will be there to help. Have a safe move, and we can't wait to come visit again

Edra Davidson said...

Thank you Tahme! We look forward to seeing you soon and meeting sweet Greyson!