Monday, October 11, 2010

A Day with the Boys

Carter got to hang out with his Great Grandpa (Bisavo)
and his Grandpa (Vovo)

 Contrary to his expression, 
he is THRILLED to see his Grandpa and Great Grandpa
Every time.

 Playing with his Vovo (Grandpa)
So stinkin' happy
This was before he broke out tooth number 4

Since moving back to Utah,
this boy has been surrounded by people that love him
Such a lucky boy
So grateful to be home


The Ellis Fam said...

I love all that hair. Scott has hair and it's really starting to grow but it's still so light that ppl still think he's bald. It's just barely too short to work with. Carter is looking less like baby lately too. maybe it's all those teeth. we still need to get together now that you're here.

Viengxay Sopko said...

Oh my ... he is too stinkin' CUTE! Those cheeks! Welcome back home to Utah!