Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Despite some of the most depressing headlines out there
in the news
or on the stands

I have been seeing quite a bit of gratitude floating around
and I think its catching on
to me, at least

I came home after an unsuccessful search for homes
and a huge wave of gratitude came over me.
I mean HUGE.

I won't drone on about details and specifics,
but there are a few out there I need to call out in person.

My Parents:
Both Mother-In-Law and Biological
My little family is so grateful for your generosity
and constant love you show
Not only to Ed and I,
But to our cute Boy

Tabrenia, Doug and Connor:
You weren't able to be here for the birthday party and yet 
it felt like you were right there with us
Celebrating every step of the way

Ang, Kirk, Alli and Gabe:
Your family has single handedly clothed my son
from Birth to Present. 
AND we have plenty of stuff to grow into.
The toys blow Carter away on a daily basis.
I am speechless just trying to write this.
We. Love. You!

Utah Friends:
The fact that you guys want to hang out with us,
even though we left you for a year and a half
and you can't wait to meet our son....
Speechless. Still.

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This is the story of a girl... said...

Sedra, you are so sweet and cute. How nice to have wonderful family and friends!
And Carter is just TOO adorable! Look at those cheeks!