Friday, October 22, 2010

Not the Little Baby Anymore

Another Mother once said to me,
"It has been my greatest experience
watching the little personalities unfold before me, with each of my children"

Those same words have come to 
Slap me in the face these last few weeks.

It was also those words my Mother said in haste to me
whilst I was being the rightful pain in the ass that I was 
during my teenage years that haunt me to this day.
"Just wait till you have children of your own
and they do the same things to you
that you do to me!"

I have yet to have the conversation with my
Mother-in-law of whether
she said something of similarity 
to Edward when he was a young lad.

But if I were a betting woman, I'm sure 
the wrath of the curse has fallen on us
TWICE in the household.

I don't suppose it helps that Carter has 
his 5th tooth in 1 month 
trying to break through the surface
And the delayed effects of his vaccine are coming on
with a vengeance.

Its probably easier to show you 
than to tell you....

As you can see below here, I already embarrass him

And despite my efforts to clean his face 
and nag him that its still dirty...
I get this dreaded look

Disgust is riddled throughout his crowning achievement of climbing
into the coveted rocking chair

Angst is surrounding his aura of disapproval
over being fed bananas
while teething

I will leave you with a happy thought
despite all the doom and gloom
I have now peppered on my blog

This picture at least tells me my parenting skills
CAN'T be that bad if I still can get a smile out of him

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