Friday, October 8, 2010

Sucked into a Black Hole

Since moving back to Utah
I have been in a whirlwind flurry of activity
Constant motion
never stopping
never resting until I lay my head on my pillow

Why things haven't slowed down for us,
I'm still trying to pin point
If anything, 
it should have slowed down to a halting stop
What with all the extra hands that are
SOOO willing to help with the wiggle worm

But I sit here and wonder to myself
how I rarely have the time 
to actually write a post
or update facebook
or return the many calls I've received
but missed because I was chasing after the speed machine that is
my child
or answered emails of wonderful friends
who are waiting PATIENTLY to get together

And yet I still feel like my list of "other"
day to day duties are still a mile long

How does this big black hole happen?
And how did I get sucked into it
without any hopes or clear future insight?

So thus begins my pursuit for checkmarks
to add to that mile long list
of things to do
and complete

For those curious:
Carter started to crawl back in Huntsville
and now is moving everywhere.
His latest most enjoyable feat?
Grabbing your hands and having you run him wild around the room
I don't kid when I say run. 
We are running..... fast
to the point I get cramps in my butt cheek from running
bent over, while holding his hands

He also is in love with walking up stairs
(with assistance of course)

Also he has 3 teeth now.
With 4 and 5 right around the corner

How did he grow up so fast??
Good grief

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