Sunday, November 28, 2010

Carter Meets The Holidays

Its not Carter's 1st Holiday season, 
but its his 1st not spent in a food induced coma

This year has marked a particularly special one for us.
Next to the fact that we will and have been
surrounded by family.

My Mother said practically on a daily basis,
"He's gonna be walking by Thanksgiving"
and my prompt response after was,
"Naw, I think it will be more Christmas"
I should have known better than to disagree with a veteran mother.
Despite the fact that every time she says he WON'T do something,
he does the exact thing within 5 seconds flat

For some reason he feels most confident in walking TO me.

He has found other interests such as bonding
with his nieces waiting for the Thanksgiving Feast

And admiring the Christmas Tree

Or creating new sports like Winter Glove Sledding

Or just being a super cute kid

We are the luckiest parents to have a kid like Carter
Happy Holidays Buddy!


Julie Jardine said...

Okay, so that Christmas tree picture is SUPER cute! Should be in a magazine or something! Not to mention all the other pictures of your cute little boy. Love the walking video. You will be so glad that you caught that on film. So cute that he just wants to go to his momma!

David and Taryn said...

OMGosh, I can't believe the little stinker is walking!!! Soooo cute! Maybe he needs to come give Aubrey some lessons. She is such a little fatty that we are STILL working on crawling! Those pictures are adorable. :)