Monday, November 1, 2010


(Awaiting the Trick or Treaters)
Do I feel sad Carter didn't get to spend 
so much time in his costume on Halloween?

Not really

There weren't any Trunk or Treats
in our area for him to attend
and it RAINED like crazy that night.
We enjoyed a delicious
dinner in a pumpkin
courtesy of Chef Colleen Santos
(aka Gammie)
and he greated all of the 
Trick or Treaters
and did a lot of staring
(Prepared to "Greet")
People have questioned why I didn't 
take him around the block for treats.
(The "Meltdown")
Let me explain my reasoning:
1st: He doesn't walk
So I would have been carrying him to every door
(25 lbs gets heavy after a few min)
2nd: He doesn't eat candy
(Seriously, I tested it and he shakes his head "No" every time)
3rd: As I mentioned before,
it was raining. 'Nuf said.
(The Candy Experiment)
So next year when he is 2
I will vow to be the brave parent
and take him to all the houses
in the neighborhood.
Or at least petition for a 
Trunk or Treat in the ward.

(Get the Camera out of My Face Mom!)

1 comment:

Jullee and Fam said...

Great costume! We didn't Trick-or-Treat until Zoe was walking..and she didn't even care until this year.