Saturday, November 6, 2010

Remember Remember, Why I Hate Sports

Living with my parents 
has brought insight to me.
To why I have miraculously 
returned to acting like a 16 year old
(tantrums and all)
and why I love having my own space
with all my own things.

Don't get me wrong here,
I am GRATEFUL for my parents
letting us squat here.
Grateful for them putting up with 
all of Carter's toys and
stacks of books

But when you have lived on your own for over a decade,
its hard to go back.

Aside from these lovely reminders
I've encountered this last month,
I remember why I don't like living at home in the fall.

Its not the random snow falls
that all the other cities somehow evade.
Its not the parking situation
(which with 5 cars can get messy)
Its not that this place turns into grand central station
on a daily basis.

Every year football season begins
The same chorus of yells
fist pumps,
and occasional expletive
is heard from the TV room.
With the passion that only a devout sports fan
can muster.

I love my Dad dearly.
But I can do without the intensity.

1 comment:

Becks and Ben said...

HA! If you think that is bad don't EVER come by my house during a football game!!!! LOL! I get upset and throw things, and have been known to break furniture too...... Oops.... LOL!