Monday, December 13, 2010

We're Home Owners... Again!

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We are Home Owners again
How does it feel, you may wonder?

It's as if you are in a dream
and in that dream, you found this bag of clothes
in your closet.
And when you opened that bag, 
it was filled with everything that you wished you had purchased at the store
but chickened out.
You tried all the clothes on and they fit perfectly.
You couldn't be happier.
That is what it feels like.
At least in my head.

So now my sweet husband and parents
are burning the midnight oil
tearing the filthy carpet that was in the house
and cleaning it from top to bottom
so we can come in and paint it tomorrow.
While I sit here, typing
and listening for the toddler
upstairs sleeping.

I long to have my own space again.
To decorate it however I want.
All of my clothes fit into my closet
instead of partly in totes,
partly in a dresser.

This move couldn't come fast enough
Mountains will need to be moved in order to be moved in 
by Christmas.

Wish us luck!


Jullee and Fam said...

Looks awesome!! I wish you luck in getting in by Christmas! If you have a house warming party make sure you invite me!!

Adam and Andrea Daveline said...

Exciting! I am so happy for you guys, Miss Sedra!