Thursday, February 24, 2011

Viva La Mexico!

The Davidson Family reunion has come and gone
It was SO much fun
But I think all of us are glad to be home
and back under a routine
with our wild little ones.

I have compiled a group of photos from the trip.
Some a.m.a.z.i.n.g, 
some amazing in concept, but blurry (oops)
Carter got sick during this trip...this is what he enjoyed doing
The Boys with their Boys
Grandma with her Grandbabies
Ed and Doug proving they still got what it takes
Carter wanting to go after Dad 
He caught him 
Rare Family Moment
At the Start of the Boat Ride
Still Managing well
Its starting to turn on us
Gorgeous... but Carter and I are sea sick
Proof we don't feel well
The Window in the Wall

I just liked her expression
Night on the Beach

Ed's brothers Doug (left) Joe (right)
Sister-in-laws Tabrenia (left) Trisha (right)

Tabrenia and Doug 
Trisha and Joe
Connor (Doug and Tabrenia's son) 
Burning off a little energy after the boat ride 
Playing with Dad is Carter's favorite activity 
The boys showed up with matching shirts. They love Elmo 
Blurry yet happy 
One of Carter's cousins was crying and Carter was concerned

I love that face!

He ran around collecting all the golf balls 
Connor saying, "Cheese!"
Vincent (Joe and Trisha's son) He was constantly on the go
Russel (Joe and Trisha's oldest son) He was so helpful. 
Love these guys 
He smiled so nicely for the camera 
Ahhh THE Beach 
The swimming pool we spent many a days in
Good Bye Mexico. Good Memories.
Would we do it again?
Heck yes! 

We sure did miss Kirk, Ang, Allie and Gabe.
We hope you are feeling better Gabe!

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